LUXURY Package

LUXURY Package

List price: £28,900.00
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The LUXURY package, as its name suggests, is our most luxurious offer in home automation.

The highest level intelligent home system      

The LUXURY package, as its name suggests, is our most luxurious offer in home automation. The intelligent Z-Wave design is used to establish an immensely stable system that includes all of the important intelligent home features. Along with comfort and security, it offers multimedia features and technology that satisfies all needs our clients could possibly have concerning energy conservation, safety and comfort.

List price: £28,900.00 SKU: LUXURY Package. Catalog: Home Automation

Among others, the comfort features include the control of lighting and shutters, while the package is rounded out by heating control for energy conservation purposes. To provide safety for your home, the package includes security camera-, alarm-, smoke detection-, water flood sensor and video intercom system. The high tech multimedia features and devices are in the service of comfort, but what makes the LUXURY package really special is the built-in voice control for every installed intelligent appliance in your apartment.

Features of our Home automation LUXURY package

-Control of appliances with your smartphone, tablet, PC or smart TV
-Control of the heating system
-Thermostatic valve for control of heating circles
-Control of lighting (turning lighting circles on/off)
-Dimming (control of light intensity)
-Motion sensor
-Blind control (shutters, shades and rolling shutters)
-Central unit
-Smoke detector
-Water flood sensor
-Door / Window sensors
-Uninterrupted Power supply unit
-Touchscreen control unit
-Video intercom
-Security camera system
-Voice control for every intelligent appliance
-Multimedia control
-Sound and audio technology
-Alarm system




Wireless cables

Suggested property size

Over 1080 Square Foot (100 m2)

Price of Home Automation LUXURY

Starting from £ 13.795

Setting up (installation and programming)

Depending on the configuration of the Home Automation system, the price of setting it up varies between 15-40% of the installed module devices.


SizeOver 3000 Square Foot (280 m2)

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