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We add value to your business by providing fast effective support and ongoing expert advisory services so you can remain productive. If you are looking for the best IT Support in London has to offer then contact us today.
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Can your business able to survive a catastrophic disaster which come with major data loss?
Get rid of from business disturbances, protect your business communications and increase your employees productivity.
Corporate level IT protection.

IT advice, system support and maintenance, troubleshooting

How can we help?

We offer IT services for small, medium and big organisation. We offer IT support for companies using Linux, Windows and OSX OS.

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Our Services

IT advice, system support and maintenance, troubleshooting (also local and remote), regular system refreshes and remote administration


What do we offer that is different?

free field-work if your machine goes wrong, we support change machine during the repairmonthly maintenance appointments arranged in advanced


Benefits of Monthly Contract What do we offer that is different?

  • free field-work
  • if your machine goes wrong, we support change machine during the repair
  • monthly maintenance appointments arranged in advanced
  • Included 8-10 hour on site hardware upgrades & software maintenances
  • Technical support resources available during local business hours
  • Product and best practices knowledge sharing
  • Online service request management
  • Basic how-to trouble shooting assistance
  • Experts respond to your location within 24 hour after remote diagnosis
  • Unlimited email and chat support
  • Collaborative assistance with third-party vendors
  • Support is provided in English with local language accommodated when possible
  • Monthly reports and review calls - Email support - Phone support
  • The latest software/firmware upgrades

How we work on the phone, online and in person

  • We will provide a with a personal agent who will know you and your system and someone you can get in touch with if there is any problem
  • Helpdesk team: Offer quick help from a distance and hope to handle your problem quickly and efficiently without to need to arrange an appointment to come in person

South London Repair Support Services for Network Security Products accommodates connected solutions by providing a comprehensive support plan to suit any business organization. Whether there is an issue with software/firmware, the hardware part of an appliance solution or one of our cloud-delivered technologies, our support engineers will collectively work to resolve the issue quickly and effectively. We recognize how important our products are to your business environment, and we strive to help you maximize your investment by offering a wide range of global services to accommodate the varying needs of your organization.

IT Support for Small Businesses price table


£ 00
  • IT Audit

  • Backup and Security

  • Prevent catastrophic data loss


£ 00
  • Quotation

  • IT Check

  • Free virus check up to three computers

Monthly contract from*

£ 200per month
  • Fix monthly fee

  • Planned maintenace and upgrades

  • Prevent serious failures before happening

  • Quicker response time

  • *the price can be higher, please request a free quotation