We just finished another Smart Home in Croydon. Since we are based in Croydon, Addiscombe, we can provide a professional service locally.

The customer choosed us, because we are local business, we have good review and we ware recommended by Fibaro UK as an official Fibaro distributor and engineer.

Customer Goal

  • Smart Light Control
  • Smart Heating Control
  • Full HD - Professional CCTV installation
  • Keep original light switches
  • Keep original cabling
  • Gesture control

What we used

  • Fibaro Motion-Temperature sensors
  • Aotec Smart Switches
  • Fibaro Dimmers
  • Fibaro Flood Sensors
  • Fibaro Swipe
  • Fibaro Home Center 2
  • Professional xVision 1080P AHD camera system
  • Nest Thermostat

What we achived

Customer now able to monitor power consume in live. It turned out one of the biggest consumer was the fish tank, which used 200w-400w / hour. 

The light is controlled mostly with motion, however it can be override by gesture control with a hidden Fibaro Swipe unit. It is not necessary to use his phone, but it is convenient, when he is leaving for an holiday.

Customer Experience

Imagine you don't have to switch the lamps or the heating anymore. It just working, when you need, and long as you need. As you leave the room and going upstairs, the light are switching automatically. When visitors are coming, he can change the settings with a hand wave at turn the system in to party mode. It turn on the music and dim the lights if it necessary.

The CCTV cameras give a crystal clear picture, he able to zoom without seeing a poor quality mashed, painted picture. This camera has a wide 70 degree angle, which allow to see a whole floor or a garden without any blank spot. Our recorder support 4K recording making the system future proof, for later upgrade.


Our company is a 5 star rated company on Google and Facebook. Our customers reviews is bespoking. We belive a staidfied customer is the best advert.