Oneplus 3 heavy battery drain - Resolved - Updated

Oneplus 3 heavy battery drain - Resolved - Updated

Oneplus 3 heavy draining battery

Have you experienced your Oneplus 3 is draining battery really quick today?

The new Facebook applications caused a problem with the Snapdragon processor  based  mobile phones include all Oneplus 3 devices, experienced a very heavy battery drain since today.

Here is a temporally solution 1.

If your phone is rapidly draining, even while charging, do the following quicly. Your phone is support a Safe mode. A great troubleshooting step for overheating, poor battery life and lag is to boot into the OnePlus 3 Safe Mode and today we want to show you how that’s done.

OnePlus 3 Safe Mode

  • Press and Hold the Power Button
  • Then Tap and Hold on the “Power Off” Option
  • When Prompted About Save Mode, Press the OK Button
  • Wait for the OnePlus 3 to Boot into Safe Mode

Tap on the OK button and you will see your OnePlus 3 powering down and rebooting. When the OnePlus 3 boots back up, you’ll see the Safe Mode watermark at the bottom left of the screen at all times. This is used as a reminder so you understand why your 3rd-party applications are disabled. Speaking of, you’ll also notice all of your 3rd-party applications are grayed out instead of being in full color. If you try to launch one of them, you’ll be told the app is disabled while in Safe Mode.

While you’re in the OnePlus 3 Safe Mode, go ahead and use the device as normally as you can. Naturally, you won’t be able to use your 3rd-party apps, but this is a good thing. If you still notice that odd behavior while you’re in Safe Mode, then the issue lies within the core Android OS. However, if you no longer notice the issue while you’re in Safe Mode, then you should definitely examine each of those apps you’ve installed from the Play Store (or elsewhere).

We have used the following source: Android Explained: Boot into safe mode 

Update : Temporally solution 2

Just remove the Facebook messenger and Facebook application and reboot your oneplus 3 phone. Now you can enjoy the normal battery life. 

Obviously you can install back when they updated the version again.