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  • What is Home Automation, Intelligent or Smart Homes?

    Home Automation are conveniences installed and designed to perform tasks in your home. Intelligent homes are often referred to as smart homes or smart houses as they perform services that become part of everyday living. You already rely on many automated conveniences that silently perform their tasks unnoticed - This is automation at it's best.

  • Talk to your home

    On the IFA consumer electronics expo held in Berlin, ABB has unveiled the world's most developed, voice control home automation system. This latest innovation enables for the user to control over 60 features, covering the entire spectrum of typical home automation - lighting, heating, shutters and opening doors - by simply using their voice.

  • Multinational Corporations and smart homes

    The biggest tech companies have realized that the smart home industry is a dynamically growing business segment, and are now all diving headfirst into the fray. Only time will tell how their entrance shapes a market currently divided up among smaller parties. It's of course also a question of how demand trends shape up in the near future, but that should not be a problem.


  • The home that takes care of you

    Even today, you can read articles titled "this is the future", despite the fact that it is very obviously the present. What do we mean by "this"? Smart homes, of course. You don't even have to leave our continent to find countries that already have more smart homes than traditional ones, you just have to go north, to Norway or Finland for example.

  • Top 5 Estate Agent Tricks To Watch Out For

    Choosing who to sell your property with is an important decision, but one that comes at a time when extra stress is the last thing you need. How can you make sure that you select an Estate Agent that will work hard to get you a sale and is not just trying to get you on their books to make their numbers look better? In this blog we will let you in on the tricks that some Estate Agents use and how you can stay one step ahead.