What is Z-Wave Plus

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What is Z-Wave Plus

Z-Wave Plus Features

Z-Wave Plus™ also known as 5th Generation is an improved standard for Z-Wave devices which brings improved performance and reliability to the user. Devices using Z-Wave plus technology are based on a new series of chip and are fully backwards compatible with other Z-Wave products. The benefits and features you can expect are as follows:

  • 50% improvement in battery life
  • 67% improvement in range
  • 250% more bandwidth
  • Three RF channels for improved noise immunity and higher bandwidth
  • New Plug-n-Play Network-wide Inclusion feature
  • Improved self-healing and fault tolerance with Explorer Frame feature
  • Standardized method for Over the Air firmware updates (OTA)
  • Improved product information capture for product certification database

Z-Wave has led the market in interoperable devices for the home since the first product was certified in 2004. With the introduction of Sigma's Next-Gen Z-Wave 500 series earlier this year, Z-Wave saw its ecosystem bolstered with new capabilities including increased range, extended battery life, Over The Air upgrading (OTA), additional RF channels and more, all of which are backwards compatible with existing Z-Wave products. The features of the Z-Wave Plus devices is a great extension to Z-Wave and will help you make the most robust, solid wireless home automation system possible. But, you need to be a little careful of expectations - especially as the first devices are introduced that use the new features and command classes used in the Z-Wave 500 series.