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Our Smart Home Starter Package idal for 1 or 2 bedroom flat

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The Home Automation Addiscombe Local package is our most inexpensive system for our clients, which we can wholeheartedly recommend apartments in the 540-1100 square feet range. This bundle offers the most essential home automation features like controlling the lighting, light intensity, shutters, and heating of the apartment. The package is easily upgradable to include additional features such as control of the air conditioning or multimedia systems.

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Since the devices communicate via Z-Wave (Wireless), the package can easily be installed without any kind of construction or demolition work.

The system allows for the users to control the appliances from all over the World via an Android or iOS device, provided that it has an active internet connection.

Features of our Home automation START package

-Control of appliances with your smartphone, tablet, PC

-Control of the heating system

-Thermostatic valve for control of heating circles

-Control of lighting (turning lighting circles on/off)

-Dimming (control of light intensity)

-Blinds control (shutters, shades and rolling shutters)

-Wireless, portable switches

-Ethernet Wireless router

-Central unit


Wireless Z-Wave

Suggested property size

540 – 1100 Square foot ( 50-100 m2)

Price of Home Automation Addismbe Local Package

 Starting from £ 2399

Setting up (installation and programming)

Depending on the configuration of the Home Automation system, the price of setting it up varies between 15-40% of the installed module devices.

Old Price2950

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