What is Home Automation, Intelligent or Smart Homes?

What is Home Automation, Intelligent or Smart Homes?

What is Home Automation, Intelligent or Smart Homes

Home Automation are conveniences installed and designed to perform tasks in your home. Intelligent homes are often referred to as smart homes or smart houses as they perform services that become part of everyday living. You already rely on many automated conveniences that silently perform their tasks unnoticed - This is automation at it's best. The dome light in your car comes on when you unlock a door, your favorite grocery store's door opens as you approach and you wake to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. An intelligent home knows to turn the air conditioning off when a window is opened, phones you when your children come home from school unscheduled or to tell you the garage door was left open.

One press of a button and your Home Theater lights dim, the blinds close and your TV turns on including all the right associated A/V components! From anywhere in the world check the indoor and outdoor temperatures at home, change your thermostat or close your blinds from a remote location. Automation takes many forms and is part of today's everyday life and homes. Hunter Home Automation is a system integrator that enables your home to be a complete entity that can exceed the sum of its parts with total home control and monitoring.

System integration empowers you with more than just home control and conveniences, you have peace of mind knowing the status of your home can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. - Pick up a smartphone, mobile phone, land line or computer to control or review your home and systems remotely.


Lighting and thermostat controls, Security cameras and remote access controls

We professionally install home automation products and integrate home technology, provide lighting, audio, video cameras and structured wiring for your existing or new home. Our services range from installing surround sound speakers, mounting flat panel TV's to complete automated home systems with local touchscreen controls as well as remote control of lighting, thermostat, humidity and door locks. Security cameras can be viewed locally or remotely access with full DVR functionality controls.

Many local TV, Internet and Alarm companies like Comcast and ADT are offering some limited automation that comes with their ever increasing never ending monthly fees. What happens with these systems when you change providers? Why not own your system, one that has complete expandability, one you can program yourself, add on yourself?