10-30% decrease in your gas bill with one smart appliance !!

10-30% decrease in your gas bill with one smart appliance !!

Fibaro Home Automation Home screen

But is it really possible? Yes, it is!

What is the progress on the UK market?


Thermostate 3From the trending three products (Fibaro, Google Nest, Honeywell Lyric, Honeywell Evohome) , the South London Repair smart thermostat system is available in the UK from 2015 September. Which is quite fortunate considering this is the only one capable of “zoning” – controlling the heating individually in each room of the house. Moreover this device contains a “geolocation” function which makes it able to determine your distance on your way home and turn the heating on before your arrival.

It can also check the weather forecast thus in case weather.com predicts a drop in temperature, the thermostat can adjust the heating of the house to accommodate for the change. You can set the temperatures anywhere, anytime with any type of smart phone and check the warmth of a selected room. Since the largest expense of households goes on gas let us see what this product offers us in this regard.


What does the package include?

There are different combinations available, starting with the basic package which contains one central and one signal unit. The signal unit must be attached to the heating system; this unit is responsible for turning the boiler off on the central unit's demand. The wireless Z-wave communication is a great advantage since no drilling is needed and the programming can be done with ease.

Controll from computer

How hard is the programming?

The difficult programming of old thermostats is left in the past for good, the operating platform is spectacular and logically set up. First the daily rhythm has to be preset, then the smart home automation features can be all used.

Save money on heating

How long until it pays back?

Due to the smart solutions compared to a standard thermostat, 10-12% can be saved on gas by default and with zoning it can even reach 15-30%. This means the price of the device can be compensated in about 1 - 2 years.

What does zoning mean?

Automatic Valve control

The thermostat heads communicate separately with the central unit, allowing to have the towel rail in the bathroom or make the kitchen nice and warm only when it is needed. The interesting part is that with zoning any signal unit can start individual heating in each room and this is what makes it a real energy saver.

It is good to see a smart product issued not just to give you comfort but to efficiently help you save money as well.

If you interested for our thermostat solutions, don`t hesitate to ask one of our professional engineer at the info@southlondonrepair.co.uk .